Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hello friends,

Here is the link from my very first radio show about the book!
And if you go to and click on Memorial Day, you will see my essay!
Click on my name under authors and you will find other articles too.Enjoy!

I am finding myself  very busy and very excited about the sharing of this book. It seems to be finding a home in many hearts. Recently,I realized that telling people about the book is like talking about my children which I do quite easily and with pride! I can not imagine promoting myself as I do the book...interesting!

Well, I am off to the East Coast( N.Y.,Pennsylvania,N.J.,Vermont and Boston)...a wild ride, for sure!
Wish me luck and send energy.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Surprises

Well, I am back from Guatemala and fast at work with things to do with the book. The East Coast tour is gaining momentum and most days have some sort of book event. I am both excited because it means lots of people will hear about the book but also concerned...after all, I am not 22 years old anymore! Today, I learned that I will be on a TV show when In Huntington, N.Y. Apparently this show is doing a program on the history of Huntington and the producer saw my name advertised at  Book Review, a big bookstore in Huntington. The TV folks recognized my name as an old Huntington family name and asked if I would be on the show. I am delighted, of course! Now, I must bone up on my family history and that will be fun!It seems as though my biggest duty now, is promoting the book...orders from headquarters. I am actually enjoying it very much. Maybe I will see you in New York or Pennsylvania or Vermont or New Jersey! Hopefully I will see you somewhere along the way!