Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finally back home long enough to write a blog!
I have done a two week East Coast book tour with nine book signings and talks, as well as lots of visiting with family and friends! It was a wonderful two weeks.
Upon returning I gave the Keynote address at The Institute for Transpersonal Psychology in Menlo Park, Ca. It was very well received! I was invited to speak because the president of the university, Tom Potterfield and his wife, Donna, had read my book together and loved it!
I just returned from a second trip to New York where I gave a presentation at the Bereaved Parents USA Conference. This was a great conference, filled with hope and with lots of pain. There were 270 parents who were grieving the death of their child or childrn. I touched deeply the suffering in the room but also in the world. It was heart opening. I understood at a much deeper level than ever before why our God  would come to earth... to help us on our journeys purely out of love and compassion. I was moved to tears many times but the biggest surprise was the overwhelming sense of love I felt for the people. I had planned my talk before I went and had a handout. I had a sense after a few hours at the conference that my time with the participants needed to be much more experiential and so it was. One woman with tears in her eyes said " I have looked for love my whole life and now,here in this room, I have found it within myself." Then she wept.
I want to return  to the conference next year and this time I will prepare quite differently! It was a joy!