Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Well, here it is the end of September and I finally sit to write my blog...where does all the time go? Let me think!
For starters, Dave and I took a very long walk this morning from our San Francisco condo on the Embarcadrero, near the Giants Stadium to Coit Tower. It is a glorious day and the walk was terrific,even the hills and thousands of stairs we walked. I feel thankful that at 68 I can walk 7 plus miles up and down the hills of this beautiful city! Along the way we saw Daniel. Daniel is a homeless man who we have come to know. He has the most amazing trolly, piled high with his belongings, all neatly placed and labeled with the word 'Empire'. This is his Empire...and he is the magistrate of it all! I have a picture which I would like to post but not sure how quite yet! Looking at the photo, a friend commented" Daniel's Empire is a work of art". I think she is correct.
Then last week Dave and I went up to Bodega Bay for three glorious days! It was our 9th anniversary and we had a ball! We hiked,sat on our deck overlooking the water,ate great food ,laughed and celebrated the gift God has given us in each other. Yes, we are each other's teachers and yes, sometimes that is not easy but wow are we blessed!

The book is about to be republished by 'Irish Dove Press" and this has given the new publisher time to correct a few typos. It will be back up on Amazon soon. If you have not written a review and want to do so, wait a few days and surprise me!
There are lots of invitations to do book signings, give talks,retreats and workshops. I am off to Mount Shasta soon and look forward to being there.I am really enjoying all that is happening and continue to be so thankful that the book is touching those who read it. I am committed to doing what I can to get it to more and more people. I feel as though I am a servant of the book...interesting!Thanks for all you are doing to help!
I hope you are feeling blessed today!

Yesterday afternoon I met with Dr. Gloria Horsley who started and continues to run 'Open to Hope" an amazing web site for those who grieve. She is a delightful real and so warm! We had a very animated conversation. Check out the web site. It is a wonderful resource for those who suffer from the of loss of a loved one.

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