Wednesday, October 7, 2009

From the time I was a child I was told that I was tone deaf, mostly because I could never sing on key. People laugh when I sing but I sing anyway. My children tell me that when I sing in church others around me stop singing. Perhaps it's hard to sing next to someone who is singing off key. I am so busy singing my heart out I don't ever notice! I am told that when we sing, we pray twice...sounds good to me! All this to preface my adventure today! I took my first music lesson since my one attempt to play the accordion in 4th grade. I am learning to play the Didjeridu...amazing! If you have ever tried to play the Didjeridu, you know that the person playing has to purse their lips gently and blow air into the instrument. I spent most of the hour today trying to learn how to do this,first without the Didjeridu and then with it. I found myself quite amused because it seemed so silly to be making sounds and bubbles as though I were entertaining a little child! But it was also a challenge and finally I got it! Phew!! Stephen Kent is my teacher and he is a delight...patient and very supportive! Next, I will try to learn to breathe correctly. They call it circular breathing and it is definitely going to be a big challenge. Oddly enough,I can hardly wait for my next lesson! You can google Stephen Kent and listen to his music. It is enchanting.
There is something very special about pushing one's mental boundaries, the I can'ts that we live with ...empowering and fun! What might that be for you?

Monday, October 5, 2009

It was 29 degrees here this morning. It was quite brisk as we walked our 6,000 steps (I have a new pedometer)! But now the sun is shining brightly through my windows and warming my cold bones! I try to be thankful each morning for the new day and for the sunshine but too often I find myself hurrying as soon as I awaken. As I write these words a warm feeling arises in my heart...a longing for quiet!
Earlier I saw a line from an email as I passed through the morning's mail. It read "Studies show impact of hopelessness, apathy on cardio-vascular system". Most of us know the impact that the studies have proven...not good!
So, as I pondered this, I asked myself" What keeps me happy and hopeful"? And the word""quiet arose in my mind before I even finished asking the question. I really like our morning walk when we are 'alone together' or quiet! It is a time for reflection and prayer for me and often very rich. I am always amazed by the wisdom in nature and ,of course,the peace! Taking time out during the day is also a way for me to check in,to give thanks and to feel the love within and all around me. It's like a mini nap that people speak about but for me,it's a mini moment of prayer! And then I think of one more thing...gratitude is the very best medicine for the woes that we face. If I am willing there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for and that moment of gratuitude can lift my spirit!
May your spirit be lifted up today by the sunshine in your heart!