Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Delightful Kick in the Pants"

Yesterday, I was speaking with a friend who in a very sweet way mentioned that the last blog I wrote was more than a month ago. It really did not make much of a dent on my thick skull until she told me how much she was getting from reading my blog. What a delightful surprise that was! So, here I am.
What my friend was touched by in my last blog was the story of my didgeridoo lesson. She said it inspired her to try something new and not to worry if she could not master it immediately! Well, that was great but I must fess far that was my one and only music lesson and I hesitate to return because I can not figure out how to blow into the pipe and at the same time bring air back. They call it circular breathing. Do I dare return to my teacher with out having accomplished this? I guess I better! Thanks friend!

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